PAT Testing Equipment – Suggestions about Selecting the best Kind of PAT Testing Equipment

PAT Testing Equipment – Suggestions about Selecting the best Kind of PAT Testing Equipment

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Electrical equipment is among the most typical reasons for workplace fires which is frequently as a result of faulty or broken appliance. Workplace safety and health legislation requires all employers to handle regular testing on all portable electrical appliances, and to make sure that they’re maintained in safe condition.

Regardless of whether you buy in the expertise of a professional contractor or train your personal staff to complete your PAT testing in-house is determined by the character of the workplace and size your company. Testing classes are normally merely a day, and you may purchase PAT testing equipment effortlessly. However, there are many various kinds of PAT tester available, and you ought to consider which sort is better going to meet your requirements before buying. This information is intended that will help you narrow lower your research to obtain the most suitable PAT testing equipment.

Pass/Fail Type Equipment

Beginning at the start, the Pass/Fail kind of products are the easiest and many fundamental models, giving merely a straight pass or fail result with no further detail. PAT testing equipment could be designed to handle many different tests, however the pass/fail type have a tendency to only perform the insulation and earth continuity tests. They’re unlikely to give the selectable earth continuity test current, which is a vital point, as this is often a problem unless of course you simply possess a limited type and number of appliances to check.

The problem with PAT testing equipment with no variable current are restricted within the equipment they are able to test reliably. Equipment having a greater current shouldn’t be utilized on IT equipment and testers having a fixed low current aren’t reliable for testing general electrical appliances. If you want to PAT test a variety of various kinds of appliances precisely you’ll therefore require a selectable current function.

Another restriction with pass/fail PAT testing devices are that they’ll have a set earth bond pass limit, which doesn’t allow any adjustment. The issue with this particular is the fact that it can cause some equipment failing the exam, since they have very lengthy leads, instead of because anything is wrong together. While it might be tempting to improve the limit to pay with this, doing this would really contravene the IEE (Institute of Domestic Electricians) Code of Practice and perfectly good appliances can always not pass.

Manual Testing Equipment

Manual PAT testing equipment has greater functionality compared to simple pass/fail type, which could overcome the issues highlighted above. These elevated functions and also the greater detail and variability do, however, imply that the testers are a little more complicated, so anybody with them will need a more descriptive understanding to be able to fully utilise and understand them. There’s therefore an implication for staff training. The selectable earth continuity test current in this kind of device means they are appropriate for testing IT equipment.

Downloadable Pat Testers

Downloadable PAT testing equipment automates the testing process and stores the outcomes to enable them to be printed off or downloaded to some computer. This function could be a advantage in case your premises are particularly large or complicated. These testers may also produce other functionality covering all kinds of things, most of which might be more use than the others, based on your circumstances.

One function worth searching for is the opportunity to take true earth bond measurements. This can be a feature that may save your valuable testers time, and for that reason set you back less. Transporting out earth bond measurements on appliances which have multiple earth pathways (on the PC for instance) can’t be refrained from disconnecting it all other equipment first, unless of course your PAT tester has this function. That may add considerable time and cash for those who have a lot of IT equipment to check.

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