The 3 most common field marketing mistakes

The 3 most common field marketing mistakes

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Field marketing can be a highly effective way to promote your products or services. It allows you to reach out to people face-to-face and make personal connections with them. However, to exploit the full potential of this approach, you need to ensure your strategy is spot on. To help you avoid making potential costly mistakes, here are a few of the most common errors to avoid when you’re running these campaigns.

  1. Not having clear targets

Failing to put clear targets in place before you embark on field marketing projects is bound to cause you problems. It can prevent you from allocating your resources effectively and mean you end up spending money without seeing much reward. So, at the outset of these campaigns, you’ll need to develop a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. For example, how many leads and sales are you looking to secure? How many doorsteps, individuals or events do you want to target? How much money are you prepared to spend, and what sort of return on your investment do you want to see? Having clear answers to questions like these will help you to prioritise the most important elements of your campaign, keep your spending in check and, ultimately, deliver the results you’re looking for.

  1. Failing to take advantage of expert help

If you lack the relevant expertise, running field marketing campaigns yourself can be a recipe for stress and disappointment. There is a skill to face-to-face sales, so if you don’t have prior experience, it’s wise to seek help from specialists. For example, sales and fundraising experts Appco Group can run your campaign for you. The brand ambassadors in the Appco UK network have access to all the relevant training and support and are adept at getting their message across. It’s no surprise then that a range of organisations, from well-known companies to major charities, use Appco to engage with their target audiences. As well as helping you to achieve the results you’re looking for, enlisting the help of specialists to run your campaign will free up more of your time to focus on the other important tasks you face.

  1. Not getting your message right

It can be tempting to rush into these projects, but if you don’t take the time to hone your marketing message before you start engaging with prospective customers, you could find you end up wasting your time and money. To appeal to consumers and win them over, you’ll need to ensure you have a powerful message to present to them. This means it’s essential that you find an effective way of communicating what’s different and appealing about your products or services. By making sure your message is spot on, you’ll stand a much better chance of success.

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