RL360° to provide tablet app version of its Quantum application system

RL360° to provide tablet app version of its Quantum application system

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Savings and investments provider RL360° is set to release a tablet app version of its Quantum application system. The move was announced recently by the company as it rolled out a desktop online version of its application process designed for financial advisers selling the product. As it released this online system, RL360° noted it was “just the first step”. The tablet app version will be completely paperless as it will accept digital signatures.

Creating a more efficient and secure system

When the company launched the online desktop RL360° Quantum application system, it stated that it was doing so to make getting one of these policies more efficient, secure and cost effective. This will also apply to the tablet app version, which will be even more streamlined.

By enabling advisers and their clients to fill in applications over the web, the new approach ensures there are no delays while paperwork is in the post to RL360° and it also eliminates any courier costs. By speeding the system up, it makes it possible for policies to be issued to clients on the same day or the day after they submit their applications. It also ensures there is no risk of details going missing in the post.

Further enhancing the process, it has an in-built smart feature that alerts applicants if they have accidentally omitted a section or filled one in incorrectly.

The desktop system still requires wet signatures, but the tablet app version will not.

Watch out for further developments

To ensure that the desktop system is as user-friendly and efficient as possible, RL360° tested it for several months. Pilots may already be underway for the tablet version, which the company revealed would be launched later this year.

The Isle of Man-based financial services provider is continually looking for ways to enhance its products, and the application systems it provides is just aspect of this. Earlier this year, it completed its yearly review of fund links for its Quantum, Oracle, Paragon and LifePlan products. The review, which is designed to ensure the company offers the best opportunities to its customers, led to the addition of 28 core new fund links. RL360° also brought 6 new fund managers on board to complement its family of fund houses. If you’re interested in getting further details about the company’s flagship regular savings product, you can take a look at RL360° Quantum reviews online or visit its website.

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