6 Services Provided by Formation Companies to Establish Your Business

6 Services Provided by Formation Companies to Establish Your Business

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Whenever a company decides to relocate, whether across town or to another country, there are many services they need to re-establish. Everything from mail service to buying furniture to setting up banking accounts may need to be done depending on the circumstances. If you are relocating your business to another country, here are some of the services provided by formation companies to help your company get back up and running as soon as possible.

Registration of Company

Businesses specialising in helping companies form in countries like Switzerland will help your company complete all of the necessary paperwork to get it registered to do business as soon as possible. As many of the documents will be in another language, they can help translate them so you know what they say and what you need to do to help expedite the process of getting your company back up and running after it relocates.

Set Up Accounting

Once your company has been registered, the formation company can help you set up the accounting mandate for your business. This information is important to establish for your company as it documents who is given permission to access your books and make decisions. Along with setting up accounting records, which must be maintained in Switzerland, the formation company can also help you set up formats and schedules for your business’ financial reports.

Establish Banking Accounts

You will also need to establish local banking accounts to pay staff, invoices, and taxes. The company formation in Swiss can help you find a bank and set up accounts, including online banking access. In addition, the company can also help you with policies regarding receiving and paying the invoices for your business.

Operational Procedures

It is important for a business to set up operational protocols for handling telephone calls, faxes, emails, invoices, and other mail received in the office. These procedures help guide new employees by informing them of how to handle all communications within the company. The procedures should include prioritising communications so important calls, faxes, and emails are marked and can be dealt with right away.

Establish Templates

A company needs to establish their invoices and letterhead so when they send business correspondence it looks professional and official. The template should include the company’s logo and its official Swiss address. Establishing the template is important for documents as they help establish permanence to any companies with whom you do business.


Find Offices

Along with establishing all of the necessary accounts and getting the proper documents signed, most formation companies will also help your business find a physical location for your company. Whether you need a small office or a sizeable plant for manufacturing your products, they can help locate the proper facilities, establish services, and help you hire staff so you can start doing business again.

A formation company can help get your company established in Switzerland by getting it registered, making sure all of the accounting is set up, and making it official by opening bank accounts and printing official letterhead.

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